Wekfest Texas 2015.

IMG_0269 copy
Coverage from this years Wekfest TX.

​I love Wekfest Texas. It’s the one event I always look forward to attending each and every year. Wekfest Texas never fails to disappoint and always gets better and better each year. The Texas car scene is great and we have had a lot of very positive growth these couple of years with various media sources showing our scene in a very positive way. This is my 3rd year attending Wekfest Texas and I can defiantly say that this is our best one yet. If any of you on the east coast or anywhere else are thinking about traveling to another Wekfest event, you should go to Texas. We have a lot of good vibes and our show even rivals that of the “Super Bowl” of car shows, Wekfest San Jose for car quality!! Also I want to give thanks to the Wekfest crew for always putting on a great show!!

IMG_0150 copy

IMG_0151 copy

IMG_0153 copy

IMG_0154 copy
Tom Syhachack’s gorgeous Honda S2000.
IMG_0260 copy
Amanda Johnston’s CRX sitting proper on Volk Racing TE37’s also restored from the ground up with brand new OEM Honda Parts!!
IMG_0047 copy
IMG_0041 copy
Making the trek from Iowa was Chen Huang in his Mugen Integra Type R which ended up being my favorite car at the show.
IMG_0138 copy
IMG_0137 copy
Kheim Pham’s 2JZ Mazda RX7
IMG_0176 copy
Chris Padilla’s G35 sedan is always one of my favorites at every show!! Look for an upcoming feature on it soon.
IMG_0279 copy
Jorge Torres’s Mugen DelSol from Team 5 Star. So glad to finally see it running!!
IMG_0283 copy
IMG_0284 copy
IMG_0285 copy
IMG_0286 copy
Closing it out with one of my favorite builds of all time, Giovanni Dichiara’s Lexus LS. I still remember seeing this car on my FaceBook news feed and it was exactly how I would’ve done a VIP platform, no crazy camber, wild colors, or aggressive aero, Just a VIP car with tasteful mods that anyone could appreciate. And I can honestly say that it looks better in person than in these pictures!!

Words by: Travis Garcia
Photos by: Travis Garcia

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