FCF 2015.

Coverage from Canibeat.com’s First Class Fitment event.

Canibeat first began First Class Fitment in 2010. I remember being at the first event. Hell, I was going through old photos in my portfolio the other day and saw each previous year at FCF. I made it to all five years of this event. I can say its progression has increased rigorously! Each year it grows in the amount of not just cars but quality. One of my favorite things at First Class is the Djs. Always keeping the music bumping to the perfect mood for everyone. From being a single person walking around photographing at the first event to having a booth the past two years and vending has been quite satisfying. Its just a great feeling to be a part of something I watched grow larger and larger. This year I had the pleasure of meeting Frankie Fohdoh. An all around awesome dude with a great eye for photography. He joined the team a few months ago when I first met him at Weakest East in NJ. I was able to walk around and get some great shots at FCF but I will be giving you the pleasure of viewing Frankie’s take on FCF…Keep an eye out for a FCF 2015 pt II??????? Thanks again Frankie!
Benny’s EG6 sitting pretty in front of the allthingsproper booth.
My newly acquired Honda Accord. A little different than “Phillyphilz Integra”. Have big plans for this car in the future!
Always love seeing John Ludwick’s Chevrolet Corvair. An original masterpiece for sure.
Our homie from back home, Dan’s CRX from the motherland!
Odayne’s ferio is always sure to catch your eye. Bagged on 17 inch Desmonds. 😮
Another homie from back home, our friend Devin’s (Hooodrich) 1960 Ford truck.
Was so stoked to finally see Bassem’s E90 in person! Killed it with this super aggressive look.
Ryan Nielson’s 1JZ 3 series is wild to see in person! Follow him on instagram to follow his build @_swerve46_

Words by: Phil Fusco
Photos by: Frankie Fohdoh

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