StanceNation Texas.

IMG_0220-Edit Coverage from StanceNation’s show in Houston, Texas.

Hi everyone, since this is my first post for this site, I’ll go ahead and try not to make it too long and boring. My name is Travis Garcia and I’ve loved cars ever since I was little. I’ve been photographing cars for 3 years now and I’ve meet some great people and seen some awesome cars in that time frame and for a while now, I’ve always wanted to join a team to have even more ways to take my photography to the next level and I’m thankful that Phil and the rest of the ATP team have given me this opportunity to do exactly that. Growing up in a small city in South Texas, I didn’t always get the chance to go to major import shows or even see cool cars on a daily basis. But during my senior year in high school, I discovered two sites that would change my life forever, Speedhunters and Mayday Garage. One site was my introduction to automotive photography and Japanese cars, the other showed the car scene in Houston, Texas. After seeing those two sites, I knew Houston was the place to be in Texas for awesome cars so after I graduated high school, I decided to move over there to chase my dreams of being a major contributor for the Houston car scene. but enough about me, let’s get into the coverage.
I’m sure that everyone and their mother knows about StanceNation at this point but up until recently, they’ve never had a huge presence in Texas. That all changed last year when the first StanceNation event happened in Dallas. It was an experience that I will never forget meeting new people and seeing so many cool cars but I kept thinking to myself, “wouldn’t it be better in Houston?” I later got the word earlier this year that it would be in Houston which made me very excited!! What I wasn’t expecting was the different types of cars that would be there. You would think that an event that has the word “stance” in it would mean only cars that were low, had insane camber, and huge wheels would be all that you see at that show. This is far from the case as Elvis Skender is a true car enthusiast through and through which is why you’ll see everything from a classic mini cooper to a Re Amemiya FD RX-7, a crazy carbon fiber R35 GT-R, Tradtional J spec Honda’s, and old school JDM classics like a Toyota Corona and a Kenmeri Skyline. I hope my coveage of this show will give you a glimpse into the ever growing Texas car scene and you can expect more coverage and features from me soon!!


Photos by: Travis Garcia
Words by: Travis Garcia

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