HBKMaguito’s civic coupe.

Hasback’s own Margarito’s Honda Civic coupe from LA, California.

“I was looking for a bone stock Ek, Dc, or Crx I looked for a while but I was having a hard time finding something around my price range and stock. I found my 2000 civic dx checked it out and decided to go with it, it was something I really liked and ended up working with my budget at 17 years old. The whole car was in perfect condition no dents, stock motor, and the interior was perfect. I wanted this project to represent me and the type of hobby I was interested in. Since this was my first car, I had no choice but to drive my civic everyday for about two years until I finally decided and was able to get a daily. That changed everything for me because I finally felt like I was able to add some good quality parts because I wasn’t afraid of what could happen to my car since I had a daily as an option now. My first mod to this civic was suspension, thanks to one of my buddy’s which he gave to me for free. After months of purchasing parts And putting the car together I decided to finally do a color change on it, my previous color was vogue silver metallic. I ended up getting these cpr wheels and this is my favorite look it’s had so far.” – Margarito
Owner: + (Instagram)
Margarito Juarez

Los Angeles, California

Year, make, model:
2000 Honda Civic dx

Em1 lip, apr side mirrors, oem window visors, ctr grill, ctr headlights, arc magic winglets, carbon fiber hood, vis carbon fiber trunk, side markers, mudguards, oem smoked tail lights, Edm rear fog light, sprint hart cpr 16×7 + 38, thin side moldings, spoon n1 exhaust

Em1 si cluster, momo Monte Carlo steering wheel, nrg Hub, nrg quick release, Canadian center console, mugen pedals, air bag delete, type r shift boot, spoon stick shift knob, arm rest black tweed door panels, pioneer double din, recaro seats, auto power roll cage, floor bar, em1 rear seats, 00 civic tweeter covers,

tokico white illumina
Ground control coilovers
Beaks bar
Skunk 2 lcas
Em1 sway bar

Stock d16y7


Photos By: Edgar Lemus
Words By: Margarito Juarez

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