Ty’s Lexus Ls400.


Rolling in the new season with our newest member, Tyler Menendez.

The 2015 season is right around the corner. We thought, what better way than to start the this year off with a fresh feature. Not only is this a feature, but we would like to welcome Ty Menendez (@big_ty825) as part of the Proper Gang.



“Shot my homies Ucf 20 before the whole vip craze really hit the east coast hard and fell in love with the car. I ended up selling my a4 and purchased this 96. I intended to do something different in my neck of the woods and I think I accomplished that at least in CT. When you see the car on the street even though it was never registered and I barely drove it, you would do a double take or at least that was the plan. I tried to pay attention to every detail and tried not rushing it. I ended up purchasing a job design full body kit but the car is back to stock, for now. Who know maybe the big body will make a come back one day but for now it’s up for sale.” -Tyler

Owner: Ty Menendez (@big_ty825)

Reside: CT

Make/Model: 1996 lexus ls400

Exterior: one off Suprlife Fenders, Celsior visors, central pine led tails, fully polished calipers, wald dutchalet 19×10.5/11.5



Suspension: Uas bag over coils, Megan struts and camber arms, Nagisa FUCA 326
Power RCA

Engine: stock


Words by: Tyler Menendez

Photos by: Fifteen Photography

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