Mike’s Yamaha V-star 650.

IMG_7225 Our first bike post because some of you have been asking!

I have known Mike since we were young lads and he was always on a bike. At age 5 Mike started to take home trophies from BMX competitions. At age 23 he chose to purchase his first motorcycle. Working as a mechanic at a local Recreational Vehicle dealership, he picked up his first bike at a good price. A 1998 Yamaha V-star 650. Mike immediately began to black it out and tear off unwanted parts. He began re-wiring and relocating certain components. For only owning it for 4 months, this is how it currently sits. Plans are in the air for what is to be done to it over the winter but Mike is certain it will look different come spring.
Being a part of the allthingsproper team, Mike shows his support with one of our stickers placed on the fuel tank.
New 12 inch ape hangers with newly ran steel braided brake lines.
15520076802_6704297dd6_o Before Mike installed the new handle bars and relocated his headlight switch and horn.


Photos and words by: Phil Fusco

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