Shiro’s Nissan 350z

shiro7 Shiro’s 350z from Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2003, automotive enthusiasts were graced with the return of the Nissan Z car. This time around boasting a 3.5 liter V6 that sounded as good as it performed. The gears inside the mind of tuners immediately began to turn. This car had the potential to be even more then Nissan intended it to be. Las Vegas native Shiro has a 350Z that lives up to anything you would expect from the city in which it resides. Shiro’s Z is not only a show stopper but is built to tear up the drift circuit as well. After a brief hiatus from the drift scene, Shiro needed to get back behind the wheel.
shiro10“Before I bought the Z I had a 240sx that I was drifting but due to family issues that had to be handled I was forced to sell my drift monster and focus on my family.” Once issues were solved, Shiro needed another drift machine and his next weapon of choice would be none other then Nissan’s 350Z. “I bought the car from Nick Dizon from Vegasdrift. I called to ask about suspension and he offered to sell me his setup. I replied how about you sell me the whole car!” From there the deal was sealed as Shiro headed straight to his house with some cash. The fun started soon as they left the driveway sliding past some girls waving at the stunning Z. For the term of Shiro’s ownership so far the Z is not only his drift car but a daily driver as well.
“I daily drive my 350z, don’t really have to but I love driving it!” The cars drifting days are just about over though as Shiro has picked up a right hand drive 240sx to use as a designated drifter. A recent drift event resulted in putting the car out of commission. After snapping both front coilovers in half, Shiro decided it was time to relieve the Z of its drift duties.
“My Z is too pretty in my opinion. I don’t want to crash it or break it again.” While we love these dual purpose cars that battle on both street and track, we can’t argue with his decision. There are some future plans for the Z floating around inside Shiro’s mind but he admits for now the car will remain in its current state. His focus will be on his 240 drift car. (which we assure you will likely see in the future)
This show season will see a ton of this 350Z and we think it will attract plenty of attention as you see it here. As a law enforcement officer cars are a way for Shiro to relieve stress and escape from all the bad in the world we live in. He plans to spend the future enjoying cars and drifting, sharing the passion with his children. To close I will leave you with a few words from the owner himself: “I would like to thank my wife for the support, my kids for inspiration, WRONGFITMENT CREW for showing me love, and all my Vegas friends that have supported me and helped me out when I needed it. I love Las Vegas, its the best city ever. If you see me on the road make sure to say hi, and remember always do what you know is right.”

Modifications –
2006 350z
Kpr angle kit
Spl rear links
Cusco 2 way diff
Adjustable upper control arms
Tien tie rod ends
19×11 19×12 work equips
New motor and trans
Nardi steering wheel
Bells work quick release
Front bash bar built by twistedmotion
Airspliters and canards built by Raysfactory,
Versionselect body kit

Photos By: Andrew Abalos

Words By: Shiro himself and Editor Connor Donohue

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