Dj’s S2000 v2.0.

After Dj’s struggle with having his wheels chromed, he managed to turn it around for the better.

A look back when Dj’s wheels were chrome. The reason why he had to change things up is because 2 of 4 wheels kept loosing air to the point the bead unsealed and fell off the wheel. So dj’s car was out of commission for some time. With his head stirring up ideas he came out with another scheme with our friend of ours who helped us out on our wheel set-ups. They settled on something which was to do the wheels a cream, almost an eggshell semi-gloss with black center caps and black bolts. Personally I like it way better than the chrome, and so does Dj. With his future plans in mind, I think this car will be way different than any other Ap1 out there. I managed to snap some pictures at Import Alliance after the crowd dimmed out.

Photos By: Phil Fusco

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